M e e t t h e P o m P o m s


This is Rob.

When he’s not writing and recording music he likes to stand in fields near the ocean.

The PomPoms began in Grand Forks North Dakota in the not so distant past when Rob took up violin at age five. He became known far and wide at family gatherings as “Little Robbie the Fiddle Player.” Particularly for his extra fast rendition of Turkey in the Straw.

In middle school he took up trumpet and played in the marching band and by high school he had added bass guitar to the mix for coolness and in hopes of attracting females.

He soon moved to Minneapolis and joined his first band Edgar. A few years later he found himself in California, first in the Bay Area and then in Santa Barbara where he reunited with some of his former bandmates as The Sympathetics.

These days he is living in Los Angeles, and as always he is working on some new songs.

The PomsPoms are:

Rob Kuznia – instruments, vocals, lyrics

Justin Dullum – production, instruments

Alta Peterson, May O’Mahoney – background vocals 

Other Contributors:

Edgar Oliveira – drums, vocals
formerly of Mason Jennings

Shane McKillop – bass on “Stranger Danger” album
of Gardens and Villa

Rob Taylor – guitar on “Not Me
of Cat OK

Jeff Sparks – bass on “Not Me
formerly of Primitive Radio Gods

Craig Costigan – production on “Not Me”

Other Projects

“95.1” with Grafton
19:09 minutes of electronica to delight, confuse and stupify
Recorded in 2016
95.1 on Bandcamp

“The Sympathetics”
Folk-pop album recorded in a crumbling garage in Santa Barbara
Recorded in 2005
The Sympathetics – with Edgar Oliveira and Justin Dullum buy here

Other Credits

Randy Karels – photography for “Stranger Danger” album cover and website where noted

Paul Gronner – video production on “Devil in Doses,” website photography where noted

Jon Peters – video production on “Steam

Alta Peterson – album cover design, video production, bio, photography, unsolicited advice

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