D e v i l i n D o s e s

Go Get

In a prison of my own mind I’m on a spending spree with my time. Nod and obey make sure to Hide The valuable butter Knife at night And hold tight Chip the stone at midnight Making do in daylight Win the war with no fight Break out when the… Read more


Everywhere that I look A different you Pretend to read a book enjoy the view Beautiful is as it does and there you go universes start with yes and end with no never see you again So lets brush hands As you break up this ten A brief romance Beautiful… Read more

Devil in Doses

Devil ignores those ain’t got no offer Prefers the lucky over the talker Devil ignores those ain’t got no offer Prefers the lucky over the talker I got an unhealthy fixation It took me to the lost soul station mess of my own making because I’m not entitled to that… Read more

Okay Okay

I’d like to walk arm and arm in the dew with you, and you, and you and you I want to grow to grow young and renew I do I do I do I do there is ano — another word for free lonely lonely lonely lonely I can’t believe… Read more

Dangerous Games

In war and yes in love protect bystanders of This is a one-way trip and therein lies the rub You’ve got your rules and I’ve got mine someone made them others see fit to break them You’ve kept your cool but I’ve lost mine I am shakin My control has… Read more

I Don’t Mean What I Say

I think I could love you but I don’t think I do because you don’t love me Thank God I don’t mean what I say guess it depends on the day I think you’re beautiful that’s all please stop looking at me unless I look at you first that’s what… Read more

It’s Not Easy

Desert drive A ball of fire up high burning toward the better days desired keep your head but never look behind fear and dread what a waste when you have one life It’s not easy Being you being me It’s not easy When there is so many So many yous… Read more

Tomorrow Rhymes With Today

Lying on the deck at 18 Night drunk dialed to say she’s a queen Portrait of some forgotten face Posing high above the fireplace Tomorrow rhymes with today Come and go I guess that’s the way Winter outside drinks flow inside Raise a glass to Secrets we hide tomorrow rhymes… Read more


I’ll skim what you have written cuz I agree I’ll skip what you have written cuz you don’t know anything Another blazing blue dry sky I’m thirsty Another one catches my eye It’s wrong but I have needs I deserve a massage While I craft a message To let everybody… Read more

S t r a n g e r D a n g e r

Go For Broke

Stomach turns as you walk up the stairs to Show your face This new place What if I have a food stain What if they say I’m inane No no you don’t it’s time to go buckle up and go broke Feel alive as  you give the toll booth guy… Read more

Black Lipstick

God damn I overslept again A bunch of brats tell me what’s in They tell me to tuck my shirt in Black Lipstick where you been Can you believe this mess we’re in Fuck it dude let’s just go bowling oh you’re a doll where did you go oh you’re… Read more

Not Me

We’re up we’re down we’re uppity Everyone is so damn nutty Why can’t you read my mind Why can’t you mind my time We’re up we’re down we’re uppity Everyone is so damn nutty   CHORUS: Not me, yes you me too me too   We’re up we’re down we’re uppity… Read more

Stranger Danger

I am an extra in your movie You are an extra in my movie I am an extra in your movie/ I guess I forgot my one line You are an extra in my move/ but your sudden smile caught me eye   Stranger Danger delay I have a bit… Read more

Broken Peanuts

I would like to share with you a secret It came to me in a dream when we met I am not real I am but a figment My name is Satan and you are the best I would like to share with you a secret I think you’re cool… Read more


Running running across the bridge Stampede forces me to finish In my ears I hear a winner One two, one two three four five six Million mouths telling it like it is In my ears I hear a winner Up above we look a river   Sweepstakes blues visited me… Read more


Ghost of myself chases you into bed But there’s no room there are two you politely Ask him, will you please pass the coffee beans and bagel cream I say: you can’t hear me, you can’t see me I am the steam of your coffee Open my eyes, hear you… Read more

T h e P o m P o m s


You have all of eternity to be To be dead Look look at all the skeletons running On the tread, on the tread, on the tread Another day slipped away yesterday Hurts my head Strange faces on the computer younger Than my friends Sleeping in quicksand Soft but such a… Read more


When I do get this feeling I need not check the machine To know…no calls …for me …for me What if your lover goes cold And your friends force you to the back seat Look out, and see more things and see more Do do do do do do do… Read more


Let me be Comfort me Take me away I want to stay You make me feel like I’m alone in this strange place You make me feel you make feel So low, so so, so cold, on fire, for you Is it me Or does it seem Like I’m riding… Read more


There’s something buggin me It’s just this little thing That you keep do do do do you keep doing That you won’t do do do you never do There’s something buggin me It’s just this little thing That you keep check check check check check keep checking Send out the… Read more

TESTING – Part 1

Testing testing one two three I’m not calling just to see If you’re jealous like me Suddenly the phone it sings Answered after half a ring Wasn’t it the damndest thing thing thing It was you…It was you we both know it You…cannot hide behind that — You said “Do… Read more

TESTING – Part 2

Etching sketching whittle past genetic tissue Scrambling rambling death becomes the only issue Have a beer, read a book, I don’t know Won’t someone please tell me? (Repeat) Whoo Whoo Hooo (Repeat chorus again) Testing testing one two three I’m not calling just to see Testing testing one two three… Read more


She cried and cried to show how much she loved He stood stoic to show how real he was They bragged about their educated sons Shared a joke at the coffin There’s no easy way to grow There’s no peaceful way to go Only constant micro change Occasional hurricane You’re… Read more


Saw an old dog whose leg was broken His ball was all chewed up and soakin Looked in the rearview, he’s droolin Moving van rounds curve, keep movin Then I made sure that you were sleeping Looking forward to the day When my dues are all paid But that dog… Read more


Can’t blow kiss to sea From a balcony Can’t stop my staring At your lottery The devil, you see Has no time for me For this I am blessed ‘Cause I’m just like the rest Silent tragedy Is just gravity Spares only the ones Who sacrifice their son Clinging clumsily… Read more


Save me baby from my crazy Roots that go Pop through the ground Back to back we must fight Like ghostbusters in the night Hack the weeds to keep your blue sky bright Read more


I don’t like this I’m sick mom please don’t make me go The wine tastes funny That hour drags on for so long Tomorrow I will Tomorrow I will find the time to eat cheese in Rome But today I gotta I gotta read so I can weave a net… Read more


Dear Mr. Boss of Joey Jenkinson We are taking him to another land Hope it makes you mad Here he will grow up to his potential Your review was bull ego made you dull He’s a slave no more, no more J.J. signed the letter Bob something Grabbed his gun… Read more