Dear Mr. Boss of Joey Jenkinson
We are taking him to another land
Hope it makes you mad

Here he will grow up to his potential
Your review was bull ego made you dull
He’s a slave no more, no more

J.J. signed the letter Bob something
Grabbed his gun and the keys to the Volkswagon
Palm trees they were good
Zephyrs cooled the blood
Water passes by, seagulls so high
Goodbye sunny skies

Hello Oregon, like your morning
Highway gives me shade
Rusty tractor, timber trailer
Moldy summer day
Hello, Goodbye, right now, today

Dear Mr. Boss of Joey Jenkinson
Have you seem my man, when I tripped he ran
Now I have no plan

Now that I know that I want only him
Need to spread the news, it was just a ruse
Never happen again, again

Boss scratched his head and he threw it away
She faded away like so many a day
New problems came along
But the bird sang a healthier song
And he got a touch of gray
If there’s love it’s worth the wait
Till the end of his days

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